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Peter Newman

Keynote Title

“Recreating Villages in Cities: Why Net Zero Technologies Help Create Village-scale SDG Solutions”

By Peter Newman AO, Curtin University and IPCC


Projects that need to be net zero and help the SDG’s are becoming a standard for the agenda of development agencies, NGO’s and governments. What is important to see is that the new technology for net zero works best at a village scale rather than the old modernist ideals of having a globally significant one-size fits all and the bigger the better. Solar and batteries work best at a village scale as do the small systems for water and waste management. Cities and small towns across the world are trying to rebuild village governance that is necessary for managing such distributed systems. However the poor areas of cities such as informal settlements usually already have a village scale governance system and strong community links that enable neighbourhoods to work. Development can now make the most of these attributes to transform slums and regenerate villages whilst building on the strengths of the community structures. Such opportunities are significantly better than modernist high rise slum demolition programs.  Case studies in Addis Abba and Jakarta will be presented that can show data that supports this approach.

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